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Look the New quinceanera Dresses 2016


Quienceanera Dresses Starts at $250 to $450 (Reg. Price $820Aprox)

For Orders & Details Please Call Us: (702)459.3417 • (702)459.3418.
Bella sera dresses that are on promotion will, were used for display. All the Quienceanera Dresses are different sizes.

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Bella Sera Classics

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Quinceanera Dresses Bella Sera Cow-Girl

You can order us your dress in “Your Own Size & Customizes any BS-Dress with any combination of colors you want”, just call us to this following numbers, and ask how? .

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The dress of your dreams, be a Bella-Girl ©.

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BELLA SERA Guarantee

Quality Distinction

*Our dresses are made in Mexico
*They are made by mexican designers
* Made exactly to your own measurements.

Customize your dress

*Pick any corset with any skirt *Choose the color your prefers *Select from our combinations *Customize your dress.

Safe Shopping Guarantee

*Bella Sera 100% brand imported from Mexico; Sewing high quality, manufacture with the best fabrics, guaranteed.


*We deliver your dresses at your door. *Expedite deliveries available. Be refunded 7 days after we receive the returned item.

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